Matt Brown Licensed Massage Therapist

Hours and About Me

Hours and Availabilty

I am starting my private practice slowly. I work primarily on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 – 9:00 out of my residence in Columbia Heights, Washington, DC (14th & Irving). By special arrangement, I can offer sessions at other locations at other times (including at the client's home if a massage table is provided).


Why I Became A Massage Therapist

I’ve been a regular massage client for a long time and have received some excellent and diverse work in a number of different cultural contexts.

At some point I began to notice that my favorite practitioners not only helped me feel more relaxed, more energized, and more clear-headed, but were also subtly teaching me all kinds of fascinating things. Sessions with an excellent practitioner often revealed something to me about the interconnectedness of parts of the body, about a surprising place I was holding tension, or about the possibility of feeling better more of the time by taking care of myself differently.

I wanted to know more. When I moved to DC, the Potomac Massage Training Institute provided the perfect chance. When I decided to enroll, my goal was simply knowledge — what was the magic behind a good massage, and why did I like what I liked? But soon I was hooked, and wanted to become not just an expert client but also a practitioner.

I hope that I can do for my clients what my favorite practitioners have done for me  help them feel better, raise some awareness, and inspire curiosity about why our muscles feel the way they do.


In Terms of Pure Biography...

I was born and raised in New York City. I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Pakistan and Bulgaria and hold a master’s in international management. In my “other life,” my career is in international training and development, and I lived in the Balkans for many years before moving to DC. I graduated from PMTI in February 2014 and worked at PMTI’s Graduate Clinic for several months before starting my private practice. I try hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good nutritional choices and lots of physical activity — walking, biking, gym workouts, swimming, tennis and salsa dancing. And then I go for a great massage!